Exterior Wash
Please allow approx 30 mins. Includes full body wash with liquid wax, alloys cleaned with non-acid solution, rinse/dried to finish, door shuts wiped/cleaned, tyres dressed for that new "back to black" look.
Wash 'n' Vacuum
Please allow approx 45 mins. A full exterior wash, plus interior vacuum of upholstery, floor mats & carpets ( boot area on request ).
Mini Valet
Please allow approx 1.5 hours. Full exterior wash & full interior vacuum, all fascias ( ie dash/door panels ) dusted & polished, ashtray & air vents cleaned, glass polished inside & out, exterior trim treated as required, air freshner to elimate any odours if required.
Interior Valet

Please allow approx 2.5 hours. Upholstery shampooed to remove non-water stains such as make-up, oil, chocolate etc, carpets & mats hoovered, all fascias/plastics/wood finishes cleaned & polished, air vents & ashtrays cleaned, interior glass cleaned, boot area vacuumed. Leather interiors will be cleaned/treated with Glycerine formula to restore & protect the surfaces. Headlining optional at additional cost.

Full Valet

Please allow approx 4 hours. Includes a full interior valet, plus full exterior wash & full wax polish including any chrome grills, fittings or tail pipes to protects the bodywork from the elements such as sea & road salt, ultraviolet sun damage.

Engine clean disclaimer: Customers be advised that due to only be able to offer a cold pressure we cannot be held responsible for any mechanical issues after the valet.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to amend all prices on inspection, heavily soiled vehicles will incur extra cost. This is how we pay our bills... so please remember we need to park our van, if we are unable to proceed due to lack of parking you WILL be liable to a call out fee. ANY appointments cancelled without 48hrs notice WILL BE charged at full rate of valet booked!!

Other services: Autosmart Silver Seal Car Protection, sign writing removal, tar/cement/fallout removal, colour restoration, machine polishing... please call us for a quote, no obligation.

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